"the plagues" is a poetry chapbook that looks at the biblical story of the ten plagues of Egypt, primarily from the perspective of the plagues themselves. Signed copies are available for $8.00 which includes postage. Click here to order.

water to blood

we are the life of this land
every stream and tributary
constant source of sustenance
we are the solvent and solution
to famine, to fear
home to fish, frogs, 
and crocodile
separate but one
with mother nile

along whose banks a stranger
in this strange land walked
talked with ancient pharaohs
then slipped away to become
father of many nations

abraham, oh abraham
we wonder if you knew
that a son of yours
would take the life
out of egypt's lifeblood
leave us roiling red

we tried to hold him back
resisted the change
but in the end we learned
there is no denying
when Jehovah speaks

no one washes their garments clean
in the blood of egypt