"april with friends" is a poetry chapbook project started in 2021 for National Poetry Month. Friends were invited to submit a topic and have a poem written for them based on their request. Signed copies are available for $10.00 which includes postage. Email me to order.

fido fidelis
Photo credit: David Graham

fido fidelis
	for David Graham

let's translate loosely, shall we
take some liberties with latin
somewhat like a spaniel in a field
bounding here and there and back
asking "did you see the rabbit?"
"did you see the birds i flushed?"
"i'll go get some more, just watch!"

loosely, like that, and what we get
is a simple saying with deep roots
"i trust my faithful [one]" and if
you want to go farther afield,
maybe across a clear running stream
sniffing everything because it's there
and some of it smells dangerous
well, then you can say "my faithful dog"
which is not explicit, but still allowed

just a caution though. since lincoln's mutt,
the one named "fido" for obvious reasons,
turned that old latin verb into a noun,
i think it best not to get too loose
and suggest that "fido fidelis" might apply
to a friend, or worse by far, a wife

no my good fellow, you'd be out in the field
quick enough, running with 'old faithful'
dodging through the grass, leaping over
the stream, headed for cover in the woods
hiding out 'til dark, sneaking back home
where you'll both spend the night at
cubile caninum, which sounds fancy, but 
loosely translates to "the doggie den"