"april with friends - vol ii" is a continuing poetry chapbook project for National Poetry Month 2022. Friends were invited to submit a topic and have a poem written for them based on their request. Signed copies are available for $10.00 which includes postage. Email me to order.

if the creek don't rise
	for Kambree Davis

there's an old saying about
making plans for the future

"if the good Lord's willing
and the creek don't rise"

an interesting way to acknowledge
that God is interested in us

in our daily plans and desires
even if He might not approve

of everything we choose to do—
He isn't likely to come right out

and stop us in our tracks
so it seems like we are blaming Him

if things don't work out
exactly as we wanted them to.

and the creek, well that's just
a thing of nature, and more pinned

to unexpected rains and floods—
part of life's uncertainty.

but don't you sometimes wonder
just what God does want from us

why He put us here, knowing
that creeks would rise, we would fall

myself, i believe that as our Creator
His will, His desire, His hope

is for us to learn everything
about dealing with tough surprises

handling hardships, making and keeping
promises, feeling His gentle spirit

prompting, guiding, and guarding us
so that just like prodigal children

we will eventually come to our senses
and find our way back to Him.

and like that scriptural father,
when He sees us coming home

no matter how far away we are
He will not sit back and wait

for us be the ones to close the distance
no, He will run to meet and embrace us

welcome us home, celebrating that
one more child followed the way back

everything else is incidental
or instructional in nature

creeks may or may not rise
but they can't keep us from Him