"in the shadow of the ark" is a poetry chapbook that looks at the biblical story of Noah's ark primarily from the perspective of the animals involved. Includes original photography. Signed copies are available for $8.00 which includes postage. Email me to order.

two by two

well, noah, here we are
was it you who called us
pulled us away from our fun
our frolicking romps
from sun up to sun down?

yes, yes, we know
we can be useful too
beasts of burden and all
but really, we must warn you
bring us into this floating farm
pen us together boy and girl
there will be frequent

are you ready for that
and is there room...
oh, wait
we see you also come
two by two, you humans
well, all right
we see you understand

and no disrespect, sir
but you are a poor shadow
of the man who gave us names
still, you called
and here we are
unending beastly line
waiting for directions